Frankenstein’s Monster Bride

In the first story of Frankenstein we are introduced to Henry Frankenstein and the evil Dr. Pretorius. Dr. Pretorius convinces Henry to create a monster, which he later names Frankenstein. Frankenstein accidently kills a little girl and the little girls father is now out to kill him. However the mill collapses and it seems that the Monster has been destroyed.

Henry is now relieved and goes on to live his peaceful life with his new bride. But little do they know that Frankenstein is still alive! Once the whole village discovers that he is alive they capture him and take him to prison but he manages to escape and wander off in the woods. There he encounters an old blind hermit who takes him in and teaches him how to be human. But when 2 travelers stop by and notice the monster, he is out to be hunted again. Dr. Pretorius takes advantage of the situation and convinces Frankenstein and Henry that the best thing would be to create another monster to keep Frankenstein company. Henry then creates a bride for Frankenstein, but things don’t turn out to be exactly as planned. Frankenstein’s new bride does not seem very happy she is actually horrified, which leads Frankenstein into despair. He then lets Henry and his bride go, but blows up the castle with himself, his monster bride and Dr. Pretorius in it.

Frankenstein and his monster bride make a great Halloween Couples Costumes! There are actually really cute Frankenstein’s brides costumes, that would make any woman look darn sexy!

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